Yoga has become my vise for life. My husband introduced yoga to me in 2006 as a way for us to release stress during his deployments. I dabbled back and forth with the practice for a few years. Yoga became a full time practice when I was diagnosed with Lupus a couple years later and it became my "medicine". I gave up my career as a hair designer and I was able to rehabilitate myself through the asana part of yoga and gained even more strength than I thought my body was capable of.

Through the years I found myself going to a variety of classes that I immersed myself into the physical part of the practice until I found Hippie Yoga in St. Clair Shores, MI.I found space that guided me to a whole new level of mindfulness and much more about the pranayama. The community I found on my mat at Hippie Yoga lead me to my YT-200 training there through Yoga Impact.

My training transformed me and gave me more knowledgeable of the therapeutic side that yoga can offer as well as all the fundamentals to guide those seeking the yoga practice.  I find inspiration all around me with my teaching and I find I am just as much a student as I am a teacher. I believe there is a yoga practice for everyone.  I like to offer a variety of practices and styles in hopes that I can help people make a connection at their own level and can leave the mat feeling more peace and love for themselves. My favorite to teach is a restorative practice and a core driven practice with a strong focus on the pranayama, the breath. It humbles me to experience and witness those seeking, on their mat, letting go and taking the time for themselves. That is the place where this teacher becomes the student.



In 2007 I began practicing yoga frequently and regularly.  I realized yoga was the perfect fit for what my body needed: increased flexibility, strength and balance. The calm and gentle space and the culture of positivity, gratitude, and peacefulness was such a drastic change from gym classes; I savored this difference.  The inward focus necessitated by attending to the motion and position of the body as well as the breathing connected to movement was reminiscent of what I loved about dance.  More quietly and I think more importantly, yoga taught me how to be present.  The quiet demand for my being present was a powerful skill to learn; throughout my day, I had a tool with which to access a greater degree of calmness and clarity of thinking. For this, I am very grateful.

 For many years, I had it in the back of my mind that I would love to teach yoga.  I had the good fortune to be able to pursue this dream.  In 2018, I traveled to Bali and completed my teacher certification through the Awakened Life School of Yoga.  I studied under Liz Carey, Joe Miller, Cristi Christensen and Muriel Murphy.  With my certification, I hope to help bring yoga into the mainstream of more walks of life.  My goal is to teach with clarity of instruction and keenness of observation, thereby enabling students to safely maximize the benefits of each pose.  Just as importantly, I hope to nurture in students the love of yoga, the importance of taking care of oneself, and the joy of positivity, gratitude and love.



Yoga has floated in-and-out of my life since 1999, my love for yoga stuck when it helped relieve my chronic migraines and depression/anxiety related to infertility. It served as a lifeline while working on behalf of individuals reentering the community from the criminal justice system. Yoga helped me meet clients where they were at (emotionally, spiritually, energetically) and to just be present with them in that space.

I fell in love with a power hot yoga asana practice. Then, it became more than that, my husband calls me the "Pusherman of Yoga," referencing the Curtis Mayfield song. Yoga is like a drug for me; it started as a love of the postures, then came the breath, now the mind, body, soul...yoga has infiltrated my life. Every day it offers me something new. Whether guiding a class or practicing, I am always grateful for the opportunity to practice asana and meditation with a group of people. Breathing in and breathing out together is a beautiful thing.

I currently live in Gaylord, MI and I am co-owner of Yoga-45, with an amazing friend and partner, Amy Mertz. I was trained at Yen Yoga in Traverse City, in hatha yoga, under two remarkable women, Jenny Lintvedt and Heidi Dietrich. I will always be a student, humbly learning from those around me; always knowing my four greatest teachers in life will be my children and husband.



I first tried yoga because I heard it was very helpful for dealing with stress.  Between moving to a new town, new marriage and career, I was looking for an avenue to help with so much change.  I took my first yoga class in 2001 at a community class offered at Grayling high school.  I was unsure about what I had experienced, but liked the overwhelming calm feeling I felt after class.  That class led  to a lot of exploration, reading and yoga classes.  I developed a passion and love for it, that I know I wanted to share with others.  After ten years of practice, I completed the RYT 2oo hour program in September 2011 at Yoga for Peace in Southgate, MI.  

My teaching style emphasizes proper alignment and safety through the use of props.  I strive to inspire students to use the skills and ideas taught in class to develop a home practice, but also, to use those themes in class and everyday life off the mat.  I study the Iyengar method with Mary Reilly, a Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructor in Petoskey, MI.



Yoga has been a part of my life on and off since I was 16. Originally prescribed to me at 16 for depression. I honestly did not enjoy it, but I was also 16. Yoga has helped me through a lot (including but not limited to) Anxiety, Bipolar Depression, Pregnancies, and just day to day life. I decided to pursue my 200 hr Yoga teachers training in 2019 and January of 2020 I attended Blooming Lotus Teacher Training, instructed by Stephanie Lynn. I am happy to say as of May 2021, I have my 200hr YTT Certificate. I have learned so much about yoga and truly believe there is a Yoga Practice for everyone. I hope to bring more knowledge to our community as I grow as a teacher. I just love being able to share this with everyone!!!



Yoga has been seeking me for many years but it wasn't until I retired from Corporate America and moved to Northern Michigan in 2008 that I truly discovered the power of a regular yoga practice. 

I was blessed to find a sanctuary for the growth of my own practice through gentle guidance of my mentor, Mariah Frye Colie and as a result was inspired to pursue my RYT-200.  Transformed by the experience of teacher training, I am excited to be a part of the exploding yoga culture in America and hope to encourage others, regardless of age, to discover the tremendous benefits to be realized through the practice of yoga.  I would like to see children exposed to yoga at a young age so we may have a future of yogis who can experience a lifetime of what it took me so long to find.

My goal is to continue my yoga training at every opportunity and expect much of that will come from my students!  My teaching focus is designing classes accessible to all experience levels and to provide my students with a safe, fun and inviting environment in which to grow. 

In addition to yoga, I enjoy riding the trails with my "boy", Rebel, a quarter horse gelding, golfing, fly-fishing,  kayaking, reading and spending time with my wonderful grandchildren.  I am blessed to share my life with my best friend and husband of 42 years, Gary who has always provided me great support and encouragement. 

"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."-Buddha

Shannon's ever-evolving practice started as a toddler when her father introduced her to the foundations of yoga and meditation. She eventually acquired her first 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015 through LifePower Yoga. In 2019 she completed a 3 year yoga therapy program through Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI where she received an additional 1000 educational hours. In 2020 she graduated with another 200 hour training through Golden Lotus Yoga Teachers Association at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat in Vanderbilt, MI. Shannon's approach to teaching is to help guide others towards a lasting state of harmony in body, mind and soul while addressing each student's individual needs.