Chair Yoga  This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses.  Chair yoga is especially suitable for older adults, people with balance or coordination issues, and those with disabilities.  Chair yoga helps increase flexibility, lung capacity, circulation and strength, improves balance, and relieves stress.  The class incorporates breathing exercises, stretching, yoga postures, and final relaxation. 

Gentle Yoga  Take a mid-week respite to re-charge and re-focus on the basics of your yoga practice.  While blending breath with movement in this Hatha style class, the student will realize enhanced flexibility, increased strength, and improved balance.  An all experience level class, supports those who are just beginning their yoga practice as well as those yogis looking to slow things down and switch things up!

Hatha Yoga  Improve your overall health and well being as you learn yoga postures designed for all skill levels.  Learn, or return to the foundations of yoga postures, by focusing on alignment, technique, and breathing.  Allow your body, mind, and breath to come together to restore energy, reduce stress, increase strength, and flexibility.  This class incorporates the use of props to aid in comfort and alignment.  No yoga experience necessary. 

Hot Vinyasa   This balanced practice focuses on breath, strength, and taking you into your personal power.  The room is heated to 90 + degrees. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow.  In this hot power yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Music always!  Sweat, release, and breathe!

Mindful Yoga  Open to all levels of practioners,Mindful yoga offers a relaxed hatha-style practice with the addition of breath work and meditation.  A gentle, calming finish to your busy day, Mindful Yoga will assist you in releasing tension increasing flexibility and "being in the moment"!  Each class will introduce a specific breathing exercise at the beginning of class and a guided  meditation before transitioning to final savasana

Vinyasa Flow   This class is available to all levels, link yoga postures together so that you move from one toanother, seamlessly, using the breath.  This class helps build strength, flexibility, and concentration while calming the mind.

Slow Flow Core  This slow flow class offers an emphasis and strength building of your deep core muscles. You will learn to engage your core muscles in a fun and innovative way while transitioning mindfully through dynamic yoga poses. The class will be conducted in a heated room 85-90 degrees  to allow the muscles stay active and the mind more focused. Although this is a more athletic class, modifications will be offered for various levels of yogis..

Slow Glow   This class starts with a mindfulness breathing practice with focus on the back, neck and hips. Some say this is the perfect night sleep class! We will work with hip openers and poses to release tension throughout the back and hips with a slow flow practice. This class will finish with Yin postures which offers a sweet, relaxing stretch focused on lengthening muscles, releasing fascia and allowing ligaments and tendons to release.

This class is offered to the glow of candlelight in a warm room (75°-80°) which is perfect to create the balance needed for a good night rest.

Yoga Nidra  "Nidra" is Sanskrit for "wakeful sleep". This 1 hour class is designed to generate mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Some of the many benefits of Yoga Nidra are a reduction in stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. One hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours of regular sleep. Please feel free to bring a blanket or any props that may make you comfortable in this reclined guided meditation. Chairs are also available if you choose to enjoy your Nidra in a seated position. Tibetan Singing Bowls will complete our practice. Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.   Class happens quarterly.

Yoga Etiquette

If you are new to yoga, we ask that you arrive ten to fifteen minutes before class starts to fill out paperwork, meet the teacher, make him or her aware of any physical limitations, and address any questions or concerns you may have.  Late arrivals are disruptive to the class flow and are difficult to teach through.  

  • Arrive prior to the start of the scheduled class.  For the safety of students/instructors, once class is in session, the studio will be locked.

  • Leave your shoes and coat in the reception room.

  • Please do not bring in personal items into the studio, if you need to bring in your cell phone please silence the ringer.

  • Check-in at the front desk prior to class.

  • Inform the teacher of any physical limitations or pregnancy.

  • Hydrate before class.

  • Try not to eat prior to class and do not chew gum during class.

  • Attend class barefoot.  This helps so you do not slip on your mat.

  • Do not leave during final relaxation (savasana).  This is disruptive for those who are still and silent.  If you need to leave class early inform your teacher to dismiss you before the final relaxation.

  • If you borrow a mat please clean it and roll back up before you leave.

  • Please no perfume, cologne, and scented lotion

  • Leave your ego at the door:)

  • 2 students must be present for class to commence


You will be receiving a text message asking you to opt into our remind text message system.  This will alert you to any last minute cancellations only.